-  C  O  N  T  I  N  U  E  D  -

Speaking for myself because I am the only one that can, I would say I am a nobody, a somebody,, an everybody,, an anybody.. I would tell you
that I am like anyone else and like anyone, defined by my own unique definitions of being, factual, tangible information and otherwise..

I would tell you I am not like anyone else and rare among the populations as it's rare that I meet like minded thinkers and/or others that seem
to have a common interest and since of direction within them as I.. Though too I am just human like you.
I would tell you that my perspective has been unique unto myself and that while my life has been laid with many blessings it has also known
much struggle and many challenges along the way, providing much topic matter for discussion and growth... Of course I didn't realize that in
many of my younger years..
I have been blessed with a life that has not only been filled with triumphs, & great joys but also failures, challenges, great tragedies &
struggles. All of which have provided material to contemplate and grow from or not.. Some of these things have presented themselves by my
own doing both good and bad and others completely out of my control..

My writing explores all of these as well as thoughts and opinions of any given topic. These will come from the world around us and that have
been closely interwoven throughout mankind's history,,, Hard topics.... Religion, Politics, Control, power, greed, envy, lust, hatred, revenge,
God, marriage, relationships, ethical and moral codes, decisions, government, society sin, money, belief structure, abortion, homosexuality,
racism, judgement, segregation, place ism, materialism. Prejudice, implementation, etc etc etc.

I would never put myself on a pedestal to believe my insights are any better than anyone else's. Though I do believe that communication of
one's ideals and or insights and opinions etc. Are relevant to real progress. And God knows we could use some progress, because if you look
at the world today and think it's great place your sadly mistaken.... It's full of broken dreams and corupted behaviors...

What I didn't realize in my youth is that I was processing material,, topic matter, experience from life,, analyzing the data, collecting information,
attempting to understand it all..  Finally in my 40's much of that information coming to light in a productive way..  Seeing this life and the World
around me and my own story in it,,, is as a viable insight as anyone's.. After all I too look at the world and see the issues at work in our society,
my opinion matters as much as anyone's and even if others think it does not it matters to me....  As well your should matter to you. The problem
I tend to see is most people don't give a dang their impact on society.. So i hope this rolls off the page well and that it hold quality information
and insight to the readers.

You will find sampling's of my work here but also too you will soon be able to find my complete works on Amazon and other locations too..

Feel free to contact me regarding anything as I will gladly put in a section with readers questions..

you can find me on facebook too