Event Window

12 hour Rental
This Scenario Provides you with the 1st half of the day to Setup your Event!
Start your ceremony or event 2 hours prior to sunset, ending @ 11PM

(Friday Saturday & Sunday)
starting prices

40-60 People  @ $1500

75-110 people Starts @ $2750

125-160 people Starts @ $3650

175-250 starts @ $4850

The Extended Rental allows for and is required for parties larger than 150 people
a more relaxing environment through the course of your
event with time the day before and after for setup & clean up...

D a y   O n e  
2PM - 7PM
Setup, Rehearsal, Etc

D a y   T w o   
Finalize Setup, etc. 10 am - Event Start Time
Event Starts up to 2 hours prior to Sunset - 11:30PM

D a y  T h r e e
day 3 clean up day 10am - 1pm  

75-110 people Starts @   $3650

125-160 people Starts @  $4125

175-250 people Starts @ $5600
Extended Rental
Note- while you may supply wine &
beer @ your event you must also
maintain a conduct becoming
one.....  The Farm is not & will not be
backdrop to over indulgence &
intoxication... The farm is not the
10PM Train to Ignoranceville & your
wedding.  We are also  not your
baby sitters nor your children's...
Maintaining a conduct  responsible
event is your responsibility ..Your
wedding is a special day and should
be recognized as such and not an
excuses to throw a drunken keg
party. Vulgarity, Profanity & mis
conduct strictly prohibited.. You &
your guests are expected to be
Ladies & Gentlemen @ all times..
While we are happy to allow you the
use of our property for your event we
will not be treated dis respectfully by
your or your guests.
Prices Vary Based on Options!
One Day Rentals
The Above pricing reflects a basic rental only with the grounds,  buildings the
fountain areas, the stage, burn pit areas etc...

For Additional Fees we can help facilitate and Coordinate your event !

Rentals, Service Providers, Vendors, Etc.
Tables, Chairs, Linens, , Tents, Decorations,
Cookware, Table Settings, Entertainment,, Toiletries,
Itinerary, Coordination, catering, clean up,
security, staffing, etc.

We also require that each lease be accompanied by an event based General Liability  
policy with such providers as THEEVENTHELPER.COM typically a 200 person
policy for 3 days starts around $130 and for 50 people for one day starts around $75
these policies include BYOB liquor liability..  We the site must be named on the
policy.. We also recommend but do not require such policies as rain out coverage etc.

Weddings dates cannot be reserved VIA email or phone call,, there must be a viewing,
an agreement to terms of the rental and a deposit
Security & Cleaning
Security & Cleaning deposits are required..
The Amount varies based on several variables it may be
retained due to incomplete satisfaction to the terms of your
Setup & Other
A v a i l a b l e !
Payment terms Available
1/3 or 1/4 + deposit due @  
Signing, followed by the
remaining portions equally
distributed till no later than 16
days before event.
Weddings, Events, Private Parties, Art Shows,
Old Orchard & Farm
Old Orchard & Farm
Baby Showers,
Birthdays , Bridal
20 - 30 people
5 - 6 hours