1st thing's 1st
I can't promise that my work is going to be this constant ball of light in your hands where an unknown #
of answers are exposing the secrets of time, legend, and lure or to the secrets of financial success
and wealth & health, influence and or power,, or ancient mystical times and prophecies with religions
as old as mankind, And we'll discuss God as well.. I cannot promise what I have to say will help you
with anything.. Honestly you might be as dumb as box of rocks or dropped on your head as a kid,, you
may have an issue or inability to take in or not receive my message the way I intend you to,,, etc....
You may be so Dogmatic and fanatic in your beliefs that you can't possibly relate...  Communication
is funny that way.... How many relationships of one form or another have you had communication
issues with? Friendships, Acquaintances,, Cousins,, Brothers, Sisters,,, Strangers,,, Peers,,,
Romantic interests,authority figures etc? I've had plenty where me and whoever just couldn't get it
together.... Of course many times it wasn't about the ability to have a conversation as much as it was
differences of opinion or belief in,, religion,, politics,,,left, right,, lifestyle,, etc... That seemed to be the
dark angel in those scenarios as I recall and this is the south...  So you finding resolve in what you
question and are challenged with in this life or the world and society we live in and where we go from
here about whatever particular topic may or may not be found here... But I'll try post a worthy and fair
opinion and will examine many topics and we will each have to stretch our intellect some as we
absorb them and their entirety...Definitions and self growth,, a new view of yourself may all be
required....Danial has no place here and your truths are the same as they ever were...   A few years
ago I realized I had changed my mind about some thing's,,, about the people,,, about this world,,,
who's in it,, what they are doing,, who's running it,, who's trying to,,, I changed my mind about many
ideals that I had absorbed through much of the 1st part of my life,, people close to me and not.... I
urge people to always RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE YOUR MIND,, in the event you gain new
wisdom,, new knowledge,,, and new understanding......

I'm not totally sure what the evolution of this will be,, my work,, this calling I have acquired....... Many
people would just as soon I keep my mouth shut...  How dare I say or suggest anything daring or
different than the status quo....  God knows there 's plenty enough that would prefer my failure at this
than my success.... People I would disagree with on many things... People I have told how the cow ate
the cabbage so to speak.... People that have crossed the line with me etc...  My opinions and visions
and ideas different than their own...... Generally I can totally piss people off..... People need a little of
that in my opinion......Of course as the author here nothing about what I say makes it worth any more
or less than what someone else has to say.... Yet I would suggest that the story will speak for its self in
the long run.... People like to think they get along with everyone but that's a crazy idea when so many
people live so many different ways... . I can't promise you I'm not going to offend you with what I might
communicate here....
Be it through mature vernaculars or my point of view on THE TOPICS  - Religion, Politics, Business,
Social Situations, struggle, success, Love, Pain, Opinion, ETHICS, MORALITY, LIFESTYLE,
etc etc etc.  The List on what we should all be paying some attention to as worthy topic matter in our
day to day lives and grows on and on.....Yet too many unwilling to communicate about some things...
It's my hope that those that could use and appreciate a voice like mine will...    I'm not perfect nor do I
pretend I even come close,,, honestly at this point there are some thing's about myself I'll never
change or be able to for that matter.... My life has not been lived in vain and I'd be dammed if I let
anyone tell me it was......Yes issues were had. But thats kind of the point isn't it?  That's where so
many of us and our faith begins.... Because Faith begins with Hope,, a hope of possibility,,
forgiveness,, betterment,, ability,  etc..

Only a fool would look back and not find wisdom from the trail....
These are those attempts to share to wisdom,, Get on board or get out the way..